We're here to cater your events!

Do you have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings? Is your team too busy to eat lunch? Do you have special events where you work? Do you have a special family event coming up (Birthday, graduation, baby shower)?

Our catering service provides delicious, healthy, diverse, and traditional cuisine for all occasions. We're just a phone call away!

You ask yourself...why should I choose MISS'IPI CHEF to cater my event? We have several answers:

Just to name a few extraordinary reasons! Our diversity and willing to go that extra mile, make us stand out on our own. Call or email to set up a personal consultation to discuss making your event memorable. We’re just a phone call away: 971-258-2433, or email us at: melinda@missipichef.com.

Your Personal Caterer
Chef Melinda Sandifer

When placing an order through Email, please supply the following information to help us understand your needs:

Event details
  • Name of your organization
  • Contact Information of Organizer (Contact Name, Phone number, Email)
  • Organization's Address
  • Event Name (if applicable)
  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Length of Event
  • Number of Guests
  • Address of where the event will be held.
  • Setup Location within the building (Agenda if apply)
  • Delivery time
  • Are tables and chairs needed: sit down or stand-ups for networking and mingling?
  • If this a drop-off or if servers needed
  • If the venue has a kitchen to cook, prep, or assemble items
  • If buffet tables are available or needed to be supplied
  • Budget (Please note if the amount is inclusive)
  • What would you need (Breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner)*
  • Style of Catering needed (Buffet, Plated, Family, or all Appetizers - Hot or Cold)
  • Type of food you're interested in (Region?)
  • Inclusion of Desserts or not
  • Special requests (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc)
  • Disposable or Real platters, dishes, chafers
  • Real or disposable tablecloths
  • If plates, napkins, forks, etc are needed
  • Type of food you're interested in (Region?) go to the menu ideas tab
  • Assorted sodas
  • Sparkling flavored beverages
  • Iced tea
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee and / or tea
  • Juice
  • Alcohol (will you need a bartender?)
* We can provide all categories if needed in the same event

Pricing is based on what, special needs, and accompaniments that are to go with your order. We will put together a proposal with a menu and quote based on your needs.
Looking forward to doing business with you!

For Menu ideas, please take a look at our "Menu Ideas"
tab at the top of the page.